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Neulock - A brief History.

Neulock DrawingA British engineer from Maldon in Essex, has invented this totally new and unique security product after seeing how easy the basic padlock hasp/staple and pad lockable bolt is to break into by thieves using bolt cutters or crow bars.

It was after a break in at a large horse livery yard where a large amount of expensive saddles and equipment was stolen, again by bolt cutting of all of the padlocks or hasp/staples was it suggested by the local police that there was a need for a different and more secure security product along with more secure enclosures that would be more resistant to attacks by thieves.

This we have achieved with the creation and release of the NEULOCK as an alternative to the padlock/hasp and staple and the NEULOCK BOLT as an alternative to the padlock-able bolt.

This totally new invention called NEULOCK is not like any other product manufactured by security or lock manufactures in the world today.

Its unique shape makes it bolt cutter resistant and with its concealed fixings is crowbar and lever resistant and has many other security features.

More expensive and more secure padlocks, hasp/staples are available to the public but it would appear that it is more common to find that the cheaper forms of security products are being used to secure doors to out buildings, sheds, gates and other types of enclosures with little or no effect to stopping a thief with bolt cutters or a crow bar.

Now there is a more cost effective alternative that offers a higher level of security to you.

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